Flea & Tick Control


We include 4 separate applications in our flea and tick control program.

As the weather warms up in the Wayne County area, it’s time to start thinking about how to have the best, most relaxing time outdoors in the fresh air. We’re willing to bet that worrying about fleas and ticks does not fall under that category for you! That is why our company has perfected our flea and tick program so that our community members in the warm areas can peacefully enjoy their summer.

Fleas and ticks threaten to stick to our pets and cozy on into our kids’ skin – but not this year. Our 4-step program is meant to keep your property protected from these dangerous insects so that you can have a worry-free summer. We understand how important it is to know exactly what products are being sprayed on your property and if they are safe. You can count on us to be completely transparent with you because, well, we totally get it! Our crew will apply Talstar P throughout your lawn to deter the common fleas and ticks in our area.

We Use Talstar P for Flea & Tick Control

At Elegant Greens, our crew has loved ones that they want to keep protected from fleas and ticks, just like you do. We fully understand that it is necessary to know what is being sprayed on your property and how long you should keep your pets and kids off of your lawn after application.

For all 4 treatments of our flea and tick control program, we will apply Talstar P to your property. Our crew uses backpack foggers to evenly and effectively spray the insecticide. Talstar P is used by many professionals like ours and is one of the most trusted products; it is odorless and won’t break down easily with rainfall. Talstar P dries clear and, once it is all dry, your pets and family members are in the clear to enjoy the lawn however they please!

Flea and tick season starts in April and ends in October.

Fleas and ticks never go away 100%, however, their peak season in Wayne County area is from April until October.

These couple of months are definitely when we want to apply our treatments to give you the best protection. With every flea and tick program enrollment, our company will include 4 separate applications to keep your property protected for a long period of time. Each time we visit, our highly trained and certified professionals will use a backpack fogger to give your home or business an even layer of protection.

Trust our team to protect your property from fleas and ticks this summer.

Our #1 goal is to provide the best customer satisfaction in Wayne County area. We prove this by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee with not just our flea and tick program, but every service that we offer. It’s simple, really – if you are not 100% pleased with our work, you will get a full refund.

We offer our flea and tick program to both homes and businesses located in Allen Park, Dearborn Heights, New Boston, Woodhaven, Southgate, River Rouge. If you are located nearby and want to get protected this summer, contact us today at 734-231-6050!